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Using a mobile phone while driving is fast becoming the #1 reason for car accidents globally. Texts or status updates just aren't worth it. It can wait. Don't Text and Drive.

This app will act as a reminder for you that "It Can Wait". Don't use your phone while driving.
*** Please see configuration and usage below ***

After installation and minimal configuration, this app will launch a splash screen that should block all phone use while the mobile phone is in motion. Set the activation speed and admin password, then "save and run". The admin password is needed to deactivate the app from running.

*Google Maps can be allowed through the app splash screen for navigation purposed, if allowed in setting.*

- Open the app
- Set the admin password
- Set the app activation speed
- Select if Google Maps to be allowed after app is activated at speed
- Save and Run or Save and Exit

Once the app is installed, and configured, select "Save and Run" to activate the app. The app lock screen will then tun on at selected speed.

When the app lock screen is active, hitting the "home" button on the phone will close the lock screen for 5 seconds, the app lock screen will re-launch automatically after 5 seconds. It takes 5 seconds for the app to do the speed and location calculations. There is currently no way to disable this "home button" feature in Andriod.

To shut down the app while it's active, you need to type in the Admin password.

To re-launch the app, open the app from the icon and hit "Save and Run".

Of course, if you un-install the app, it will no longer work to remind you that you should not be "texting" and driving.

You can also install this app on your Teenagers Android phone, set the admin password that only you know, and the app will always be active to try to train them not to "text" and drive.

As in any other app, this app is not full proof and should not be relied on solely as a way to stop "texting" or otherwise using a mobile phone while driving. Be smart. Don't "text" and drive. It is illegal and very, very, dangerous. Don't Text and Drive. No texting and driving app.




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