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The DriveJet app helps you to stay connected to your vehicle, understand & improve your driving style, and obtain a safety score to reduce your insurance costs.
It can be linked to a Telematics device that is installed in your vehicle or it can be used as a standalone application, whereby the smartphone is used as the Telematics device.
A multi-vehicle management feature allows you to manage and monitor multiple vehicles using a single account.
Depending on the package selected, you will be able to enjoy many services including:

1) Connected Vehicle
- Smart Track Security Dashboard: Manage your vehicle via DriveJet's interactive dashboard
- Connected Car: Locate your car, view vehicle on the map, track vehicle in real time, receive theft &
accident notifications, check traffic conditions, view distance between you and your car, check your car status, car battery status, odometer, vehicle maintenance reminders and many more
- Virtual Alarm System: Smart virtual car alarm, automatic driver recognition and theft notification that
help to further secure your car
- Speed management: Set speed notifications to help protect the safety of family members
- Zone management: Set entry and exit notifications to ensure family members arrive safely at
designated locations

2) Connected Insurance
- Safety Score & Tips: Automatic personalised driving tips and driving behaviour analysis to help
improving driving skills
- Reduce Insurance costs: Use the Safety score to get in touch with your Insurance and obtain special
- Interactive games: Check your ranking, participate in contests and enjoy interactive tools
- Claim Management: Expedite claims and obtain better picture of an accident to help you reimburse
claims from the responsible person
- Renew your insurance (Coming soon): Interactive tool to help renew your motor insurance

3) Value Added Services
- Emergency Assistance: 24/7 Emergency Assistance response to your exact location when vehicle is in a serious accident
- Stolen Vehicle Recovery: 24/7 Response in case of theft, working with the police to assist with the
recovery process
- Roadside Assistance: 24/7 Roadside Assistance response to your exact location in case of breakdown
- Service & Maintenance: Service & maintenance scheduling services as and when your car is due for

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game DriveJet.


Developer: Science Jet (CSE Group)

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