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Tired of sitting idle? Would you like to tune into an endless hyper casual infinite runner gaming fun? If your answer is yes, this escape adventure chase game is all you need to spice up your boring life. From its thrilling survival game mode to tons of new enemy escape challenges, this game is designed to keep you entertained and active for hours. Enjoy the endless gaming of infinite running game as surpass your competitors by setting new high score mark daily. Try the app now!
Enemy Escape Game
Step into a world of suspenseful survival gaming where you are on your own at every level. From enemies following you at fast paces to hidden enemies sneaking in the corners, a herd of rivals is after you. The responsibility of saving yourself has befallen your shoulders and you must stay vigilant to dodge the enemy and steer clear of the blockades to become the ultimate survivor.
Infinite Runner fun
Play as many times as you want and win as much high score as you can in this endless runner game. All you got to do Is swipe on the screen to make your comet go in any direction so as to dodge the borders and steer clear of enemies. Chase and collect game rewards which you shall use to boost your high score and unlock new challenges to play.
Hyper Casual Gaming
Fasten your seatbelts and gear up for a breathtaking hyper casual gaming experience. From gradually increasing game and border movements to a challenging array of sudden enemies, this game is all about mastering your hand to eye coordination so you can act at the right time and win the game.
Create new highscore
Play solo or invite your friends for a suspenseful Dodge the rivals gaming saga. Featuring amazing graphics and thrilling background tracks, this game will take you into a world of action and adrenaline rush. Dodge as many borders as you can to collect as many rewards as you want to move up the leaderboard. This game is all about testing the skills of a player as well as offering a rewards system for to help the player master his skill of dodging.
How to play Dodge Me: Obstacle Course Games 2020:
Download and launch the escape adventure game
Hit the play button and let the bars move around
Swipe in any direction on the screen to control your survival comet
Collect enemy escape rewards by eating up small blocks
Dodge the enemy by swiping in opposite direction
Avoid hitting the blocks and bars or you may end up losing
Set new high score daily
Play, swipe, dodge and enjoy!
Features of Dodge Me: Obstacle Course Games 2020:
Simple and easy infinite runner survival game UI/UX
Hassle-free layout featuring hyper casual challenges and smooth controls.
Swipe fingers on the screen in any direction to change the course of your comet
Dodge rivals and escape touching the borders to win the game
Touch and collect escape rewards and use them to boost your score
Single Tap pause/play and volume controls
Test your hand to eye coordination at high gaming speeds
Interactive graphic elements and appealing designs
Stunning sound effects and thrilling background music for intensified gaming
Are you excited to spend your free time playing one of the most escape adventure game of all time? If yes, this app is all set to take you on a ride across the land of fun and excitement. Download and play Dodge Me: Obstacle Course Games 2020 today!

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Dodge Me! - Obstacle Course Games 2020.


Developer: CaruSain

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