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Hello Doctor! Welcome to the community of Docisn.

Congratulations on taking the initial step towards a more intelligent and secure practice system supported by blockchain technology!

Docisn Plus is a smart and powerful app, aided by personalised and evidence-based treatment to provide you and your patients with the best possible healthcare experience.

From onboarding old and new patients to updating patient vitals directly on the app via wearable devices, Docisn Plus is capable of performing a variety of mundane and extraordinary tasks.

Key features of Docisn Plus:

1) With simply one click, add your current patients to Docisn
2) Docisn Plus broadens the scope of your practice to provide medical care to patients throughout India
3) Docisn plus streamlines and simplifies your practice with integrated specialist workflows
4) Patient Lifeline - a unique feature of Docisn Plus that provides a rapid and concise overview of the patient's medical history, aiding in the diagnosis
5) Docisn Plus provides natural language processing. (Simply speak, and the app's sophisticated speech-to-text technology will convert your words into a document)
6) AI-powered to give you auto-suggestions for your diagnosis and medicines as you type
7) Utilizing wearable technology, immediately update the app with patient vitals for you
8) Automatic ICD10, HIPCS, CPT, and SNOMED-CT standardisation of medical records
9) Docisn permits "smart follow-ups," which let you communicate with patients and monitor their health
10) Superior data analytics for monitoring the effectiveness of your clinic on the Docisn Plus app
11) Secure, extremely private, and private medical data exchange driven by blockchain
12) Warnings about drug interactions when prescribing medication to patients
13) Suggesting the necessary lab tests before prescribing any medications
14) Setting up standard therapies, prescriptions, and research documentation for a specialisation

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Docisn Plus.


Developer: aciana

Recent changes: 1) Added OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionality for improved document scanning and text recognition capabilities
2) Introduced patient lifeline feature, providing real-time monitoring and alerts for patients' vital signs and health conditions
3) Implemented default schedules for easier setup and management of recurring tasks and appointments
4) Enhanced schedule improvements, including optimized algorithms for better appointment management and conflict resolution
5) Improved UI

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