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DIY Bluetooth Arduino RC Car play online

Play DIY Bluetooth Arduino RC Car APK

DIY Bluetooth Arduino RC Car

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game DIY Bluetooth Arduino RC Car.

***Enjoy the Android Remote Control for your Arduino Bluetooth RC CAR (*with free Sample Arduino Code inside)

* Minimal, clean and user-friendly interface - designed to control the Arduino programmed Car/Robot over bluetooth
* On-Screen Button Controls or Accelerometer based Auto-Control or even both
* Enjoy the Free-Sample Arduino Code in Instruction section (This code is tested with Arduino Nano,HC-05 bluetooth and L298 motor driver module and is free for personal use/refference)
* Fully compatible with HC-05/HC-06 and Arduino Nano,UNO etc
* Customizable strings value : that you send from your phone to arduino

*Requires Bluetooth and may require Location Permissions for app needs this permission because a Bluetooth scan can be used to gather information about the location of the user.

User Instructions:
You need to enter your HC-05/HC-06 etc Bluetooth Mac Address for establishing connection between your phone and Car.
You can also find the MAC of paired devices with-in this app-settings window by hitting the ".?" button.

* Control the Car either with On-Screen buttons or Phone Accelerometer Sensor, (Power Switch enables/disables these control buttons)

*** String Values and their actions***
Forward - Forward Motion
Back - Backward Motion
Left - Steer Left
Right - Steer Right
Stop Acc - stop the forward/backward motion Motor
Stop Steering - stop the Steering Control Motor
BT-MAC - HC-05/HC-06 etc Bluetooth MAC Address

*You can find the user Instruction Manual in the app. Go through the manual if you face any issue in understanding the app.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game DIY Bluetooth Arduino RC Car.


Developer: Sarm4d

Recent changes: Bugs and Crash Fix

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