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The DEM Calculator is to be used in conjunction with the Developmental Eye Movement Test. It is designed to save test administrators valuable time spent calculating and assessing patient scores. This is achieved by automatically calculating the child's number naming speed and saccadic eye movement abilities based on their age or grade.

(This free version will allow you to test children of age 6 or grade 1. It contains an in-app purchase to permanently unlock ages 6-13 and grades 1-8).
The App comes with an easy, single screen interface for fast decision making in a busy practice. Having it on your smart phone means you will have it available at all times. 
The DEM Calculator is simple to use. Enter the child's age or grade and start the timer when they begin the test. Errors such as transposition, additions, omissions and substitution of numbers can be recorded simultaneously. 
After repeating this for Test A, B & C, the App will calculate the percentile for Vertical Time, Horizontal Time, Errors and Ratio. Scores that are at risk will be highlighted orange, while scores that are abnormal will be highlighted in red. 
The child will be given an overall response based on their ratio. This can be: 
Type 1: Average Performance 
Type 2: Oculomotor Dysfunction
Type 3: Poor Automaticity of Number Naming
Type 4: Deficiencies in both Automaticity & Oculomotor skills 
Please remember this App is purely an aid and is not a replacement for clinical judgement. The DEM Calculator was made in association with Bernell Corporation.


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