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The Defender Defender app allows an unlimited number of users to check the location of their Defender Defender tracking unit 24/7. The users can also adjust their alert settings, change internal settings and create new geo-fences at any time with no restrictions. The Defender Defender allows users to select different forms of notification for the various alarms (App/SMS/Phone-call) however, the Defender Tracker will only notify via a desktop or as a push notification on the app. Each account can have an unlimited number of users so that even your friends and family can help you keep a look out. There is no limit on the number of alerts and no limit on tracking hours. Full instructions on the app are provided via email and the team are always on hand to assist with any queries.

Log in as many times as you feel like throughout the day and adjust your chosen alarms whenever you feel necessary. No need to worry about accidentally triggering an alarm and there in no cap on the amount of notifications your device can send. The user(s) can check the exact location of their device 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Simply open the mobile app or log in to the online platform and you will see a pinpoint on the map accurate to within 15 meters of the device. The location is updated every 10 seconds, this allows for accurate tracking whilst on the move. The app is compatible with google maps and provides the street view option.

The units will automatically record the previous journeys made by the vehicle. Every journey date, time, start/end location and distance is recorded. Select a specific journey and watch it be mapped out in front of your eyes. Journeys are stored in date order for up to 6 months, users can manually enter a time frame if they wish to identify a specific trip.

One alert which does stay live even if the keys have been used to start the engine is the "Geo-fence" alert. With the press of just a few buttons a cylindrical area can be drawn on the map and saved as a barrier around your vehicle. Each time the tracking unit leave this circumference all users are notified via this platform. There is no limit to the number of fences per account and these fences can be added/removed to suit your requirements.

This proactive system will instantly alert the user(s) of any disturbance detected in the vehicle. Movements without the key in the ignition, forced entry or winching on to a pick up will all set off the inbuilt motion sensor within your Defender Defender resulting in a number of alerts sent via the mobile app, SMS and phone calling you three predetermined SOS numbers. A further alert can be set to notify the user(s) once the vehicle has moved a select distance without the key in the ignition which would indicate the use of a trailer or tow rope.

Following the installation of a basic relay (provided in the box contents), users can remotely disable the power to their engine. The primary user can send the command at a press of a button. This command will break the circuit and stop the engine or prevent it from starting up. Either use this feature like an remote control isolation switch and send the command every time your vehicle is left unattended for an extended period of time, preventing any would-be thief from starting the engine at all. Alternatively, use the feature to stop a thief from getting away and then use the live feed tracking to resource your vehicle.

Please contact us on 01452640713 with any further questions

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