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Play this online game named Deblock.

Deblock is a block-based puzzle game that requires concentration, forecast and good memory.
The main and basic thing you see in this game is a big outlined square in the middle of the screen. Around it, next to each of it’s edges, blocks are placed. These blocks are moving with fixed speed and direction towards the middle of that main square. They won’t stop until they hit outer square’s edge or another block.
With no user interaction, these blocks won’t fit within the borders of the square.
But if you place one or more (depending on a level difficulty) static block inside the square, you will see that now they fit! So, to unblock some blocks beyond the borders, you’ve got to block some other before they block ones we focus on.
Chain reaction forecast is the key to the victory.

Note: "Send dev data" button in settings sends your game progression data (time and attemps of all levels) to the developer. That's the only thing that uses android's internet permission. Collected data will be used to grab levels out-of-line (relatively too hard or too easy) and put them manually in it's correct place.


-Introduced Problematic difficulty with new 117 levels
-Fixed levels 128, 342 and 356 of Basic difficulty
-Removed In-app-billing permission from app



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