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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Darts FRVR - Master of the Dartboard.

Take aim, swipe to throw the darts and try to pop all the balloons over the dartboard. The best dart throwing game to train your skills in front of the dartboard. Specially designed for both novice arraz players and pro dart tossers, you can also play this cricket dart game offline! Try to smash the scoreboard with a streak of bullseye, and beat your high score to become the marksman king among your pub friends!

The more you play Darts FRVR, the better youll be able to anticipate where the dart lands when you throw it. Everytime you hit the bulls eye, youll be rewarded with 5 extra darts, so try to sharpen your targeting skills and dont miss a shot! Take aim, swipe to toss the darts and try to pop all the balloons over the dartboard. Each balloon gives you an extra dart, so if you are good enough, you can continue playing forever! Be careful and avoid the bombs or theyll explode and youll lost the game! Can you beat your own record?

Darts FRVR is one of the best dart simulators available for mobile, tablet and all your devices! Perfect for both darts newcomers and pro dart players who want to test their accuracy under pressure and increase their darts skills. Flawless aim and swipe dart throwing, easy to pick up but tough to master!

In this dartboard game you can train your ability of tossing darts, and then be the number #1 playing typical dart styles like round the clock, 20 to 1, "cricket darts, pikado cricket, killer, etc. Do you think you are ready to join a world dart championship? Then show your archery and throwing skills in the best dart shooting game. Even the best darts wont help you if you dont master the art of throwing them!

Darts FRVR will keep you focused as you concentrate on hitting your target. Watch your score grow as you hone your precision throwing skills. It's the perfect game to relax and stay sharp at the same time. The target is right in front of you and the darts are lined up and ready to go. Take a deep breath because a steady hand and careful aim are your best chance of success. Can you hit the bullseye and rack up enough points to beat the best score?

Darts FRVR offers extra advantages that are revealed when you pop the elusive balloon hovering near the board. There are bonus coins and extras that will help you become a real darts pro. A funky disco rhythm keeps you primed for play as the dartboard offers fresh challenges, just like if you were in a pub playing with friends. Watch out for the bomb! If your dart makes contact, the game ends.

Playable in airplane mode, without data connection. No 4G or Wi-Fi required. Its the perfect casual dart game for a short period of refreshing dart training time on the bus, at school or in the office. Easy to play cricket darts game for all ages and all kind of tablets and phones. It runs smoothly both on high-grade smartphones and low-performing devices.

Darts FRVR is a low storage game, you dont need more than 40 mb to play! This dart throwing game only focuses on giving you a truly fun experience in a low mb game for free. Its an easy to play dartboard game with incredibly addictive and simple controls, so both young and adults can have fun. Play online or offline, since you dont need an internet connection to train your dart shooting skills. And relax, you can play as much as you want, theres no time limit!

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Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Darts FRVR - Master of the Dartboard.


Developer: FRVR

Recent changes: Thank you for playing an FRVR game. At FRVR we want you to have the best experience possible with our games.
That is why we routinely update the game to bring you bugfixes, new features and improvements to gameplay.

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