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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Daily Ayat.

This Quran app includes the following key features:

- The app shows a random Quran verse every day.

- The app has also a widget that shows a random verse. The widget attaches to your home screen and updates the verse everyday automatically. Tap on the widget if you want to update it manually.
The widget can be set to show only the ayat or the translation or both. The widget appearance and update period can also be set in the app settings.

- The app has a powerful search tool in both Quran text and translation. The desired word can be easily found in Quran text without the need for typing the diacritics. The number of occurrences of that word is also displayed.

- The app has a powerful memorisation tool that helps in memorising the Quran verse by verse. Tap the Microphone button and start reciting the verse. The app uses speech recognition to match your speech with the actual verse word by word. The speech recognition requires a network connection to work properly. If the word is correct, it turns green, otherwise it turns red. If you don't remember the word, you can tap the Hint button to show the correct word.
If you were able to recite more than 90% of the words in a verse correctly, the verse is flagged as green. If you recited between 50% and 90% of the words correctly, the verse is flagged orange, and if you recited less than 50% of the words correctly, the verse is flagged red. Your memorisation progress is also illustrated with charts.
You can tap the random button to practice a random verse from Quran. In this case, the app will prioritise the verses that you have not tried yet. Next, it will prioritise the red flagged verses, then the orange flagged verses, and finally the green flagged verses. This way helps you first practice the verses that you are not good at.
If you are not satisfied with the quality of the speech recognition, you can adjust the sensitivity. A higher value requires more similarity between your speech and the actual word. A lower value takes it easier.

- The app has a Quran chat, where you can talk with Quran. When you send a text message, the Quran will respond to you with the most relevant verse. If no relevant verse is found, a random verse is displayed. In this case, the Quran label in the received message turns red. The text messages can be written in both Arabic or English.

- The app includes the whole Quran with English translation.

The premium version enables the widget, and it removes all limits from the search tool, Quran chat, and memorization tool.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Daily Ayat.


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