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CyberHawkz Mobile Security App is your personal Cyber Security & Privacy Advisor.
It reduces your exposure from spying, phishing, ransomware, malware and other digital threats.

Privacy Protection - This app is designed to keep your privacy safe by tracking the apps that are accessing your location, microphone and camera without your permission. CyberHawkz Mobile Security also has a built-in privacy advisor that helps you understand your privacy settings and helps you make decisions about what to share and what not to share.

Unwanted / Hidden Apps Tracker - The app has a very user-friendly and simple interface. With one click access to uninstall hidden apps and remove malwares on your phone.

Device Optimizer - Configure your Device with Maximum Security & Privacy settings in just a Click .

Blocked / Unsafe Apps Remover - Remove potentially harmful applications blocked by Law Enforcements and CyberHawkz.

Privacy / Scanner Modes - CyberHawkz App has two modes, one is Basic Scan Mode and another is Strict mode. Strict Privacy modes will keep track of which apps are accessing your privacy permission without telling you and also check if any app is spying on you.

Cyber News - Curated News specially for You to stay updated with insights from the Cyber Underground.

Cyber Quiz - Interactive Quiz Designed to test out your knowledge and skills in Privacy & Personal Security.

Dont know how to keep your personal data safe? Try Cyberhawkz Mobile Security for free.

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Developer: CyberHawkz Intelligence Services

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