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Cutlass and Coins: Platformer

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Ahoy, mateys!

If you're looking for a good platformer game, look no further than Cutlass and Coins. This pirate-themed platformer game will take you on a thrilling journey as you set sail in search of treasure and adventure.

You'll explore islands, fight off enemies, and outwit your opponents as you make your way to the ultimate goal - to become the greatest pirate of them all.

So grab your cutlass, set sail, and prepare to experience a swashbuckling platformer adventure like never before.

Cutlass and Coins is a pixel pirate platformer game with searching for hidden treasure chests, rescuing sailors in trouble, and lots and lots of shiny gold and silver coins !

Explore vast levels full of sudden dangers, gold-bearing secret areas, precious loot and those who protect it all.

Like in classic platformer games - jump on the platforms, make your way through the jungle, avoid deadly traps, look for secret places, grab treasures !

A glorious pirate captain will never be let down by a good saber and dry powder in an old flintlock pistol.

After all, no one will give away treasures just like that!

Game features:

- Many different levels. This is really a great adventure that will capture you for a long time.
- Various opponents, including bosses. Figure out how to beat them down.
- Each level has a treasure room - and it's another extra adventure every time.
- Rescued sailors join the captain's team - find out what awaits this brave crew!
- Responsive, customizable controls. Your hero is agile and fast, just like a pirate captain should be. controls. Like a pirate picks up a weapon by hand - adjust the controls for yourself.
- Pixel graphics - you will recall those old games that you loved to play in former times.

Inspired by exciting old-time platformer games.

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Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Cutlass and Coins: Platformer.


Developer: Ye Old Well games

Recent changes: Hotfix
Fixed a critical bug when the game crashes after the death of a player.

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