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Cube Wars Survival Games play online

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Cube Wars Survival Games

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Play this online game named Cube Wars Survival Games.

Cube Wars Survival Games is your destination for extreme first person shooting fun! This game is loaded to the max with epic challenges, unstoppable foes, powerful weapons and mega perks. Be prepared to give it all you got as you navigate treacherous FPS pixel world and kill all enemies.

They whisper about the shadows, saying that there had been a time when they were safe. Now the shadows hide our worst nightmares...

It started out slowly. Some days there would be only fragile tendrils of it, just wisps of mist. Then other days it became more frequent and the mist more massive. And then suddenly, the thick gray mass was enveloped whole cities and just didn't move. The dark matter clung to everything it touched, and the resulting consequences of its arrival were never good. the cities or land affected suffered great losses, as if an entity stole through the night, taking everything the citizens held dear. Now, as the mist enveloped the fourth corner of the realm, new and terrifying developments were under way as forms began to appear from the mass, and suddenly, lives and buildings were being destroyed in broad daylight, under the shroud of this mass.

Game Features:
-New Settings Screen
-Loading Screen Game Tips
-Stronger Enemies
-Blocky Weapon Pickup
-Game Timers
-Power Ups
-Precision Aiming




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