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CS:GO Money Calculator play online

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CS:GO Money Calculator

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Play this online game named CS:GO Money Calculator.

EasyGamingLogic (EGL) presents
CSGO Money Calulator

This app helps u and your team to keep track of the enemy teams economy so make better decisions and win more games


step 1 : Choose the enemy side T or CT to start tracking

step 2 : Buy options : ECO , Force and FULL

ECO = enemy team saving or just bought pistols with no armor

Force = They bought gears that isnt optimal = Galil instead of AK47 or dont all utilities

FULL = They bought the optimal gears,, remember to choose how many AWP’s they have at the start of the round

Pistol rounds always counts as a “Force” buy.

step: 3 : use the buttons on the sides to put in how many rifles and awp’s the enemy has at the end of the round, and how many enemies is alive

Step 4: Kill reward, type down how many kills the enemy team did this round in the text field. Smg counts as 2 kills, shotguns as 3, and knife kills as 5.

that means if the enemy got 3 kills with smg it counts as 6 kills.

Step 5: Win or Lost, and win condition:

The Win / Lost button on the lower left, Let u choose if the enemy won or lost the round, and in which way,

Bomb / Time button underneath let u choose how they won;

Bomb: the bomb was defused or detonated this round

Time: the round was won by an ace, or by time. (the bomb was not detonated or defused)

Step 6: go to the next round:
when you are finished with the other steps you can go ahead and click the “next round” button and see how much money the enemy team will start with.

click the “previous” button if you need to go back to make changes.

(try not to skip any of the steps or values when using the calculator for better results)


-you can now edit how much money they start with by clicking the money in the first round
-improved saving system
-layout improved
-tutorial bugs fixed
-system crash by spamming buttons fixed
-bugs fixes

-layout reworked
-bug fixes

-added tutorial
-improved the overall layout
-bug fixes

-added saving system
-added previous round function
-bug fixes

-warning when you click reset button
-added scroll feature
-bug fixes



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