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Cruze is a mobility app through which you can now find co-workers with whom you can travel safely to the office or home. In moments, you can find colleagues to join you in the morning or to pick you up when you want to leave the car at home.

Cruze is the first carpooling app dedicated exclusively to companies, addressing mobility issues, lack of parking spaces and helping to increase company sustainability.

Why Cruise?
- Reduce the stress of the daily commute to work
- It is free and at the end of the race you are rewarded
- You find colleagues to talk to
- It's eco-friendly and you can find out how much you help the environment by sharing a car with your colleagues!

How do you add a race?
- Open the application
- Set the departure point, destination and departure time
- Wait for colleagues to join you

How do you find a colleague to go with?
- Open the application
- Set the departure point, destination and departure time
- Choose from the list of colleagues the race that is most advantageous for you
- Meet your colleagues at the designated meeting point

Cruze aims to reduce daily traffic by reducing the number of cars in the city and encouraging colleagues to ride together.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Cruze.


Developer: Smart Rides

Recent changes: - Improved performance on certain screens
- Introduced an informative new screen when checking out a route
- Enhanced navigation between screens
- Improved code structure & storage efficiency

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