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The Cropwise Grower application by Syngenta Pakistan is positioned to be farmers' new best friend in the current agriculture environment. In addition to helping our farmers increase crop ROI, Cropwise Grower is also a complete ecosystem that offers services such as Image-based problem diagnosis, ecommerce, locating the nearest Naya Savera franchises, and understanding spraying windows based on localized weather information.

Snap, Detect and Diagnose feature lets you take picture of the affected crop and provide real-time identification and solution within the Cropwise Grower app.

Backed by Syngenta, the Cropwise Grower application is completely free to play online and smart enough to be used in the offline and online environment. Now the grower has a trusted friend with them to continuously guide them on how to best manage their crops by providing stage-by-stage crop management information on growth, which pests, or disease to look out for at which stage, recommended Syngenta products, best agronomy practice as well as tutorials on how to best use the products. Growers can also see what other growers are saying about the Syngenta recommended solutions as well as tutorials on better crop management. It is the only kisan app that will offer services for all crops including cotton, wheat, rice, potato, maize, sugarcane, fruits, and vegetables.

Based on Syngentas globally successful digital product, Cropwise, Cropwise Grower is a new digital super app, built for farmers in Pakistan. The integrated platform will also enable Syngenta Centrigo Ecosystem, to scale digitally and meet the end-to-end needs of farmers, from planting preparations to selling their crops at good rates. By offering real-time, data-driven information and resources, Cropwise Grower will enable transparency and connectivity for farmers across Pakistan, helping them make informed decisions that improve their yields and profits. Farmers will also be able to connect directly with Syngenta partners, allowing them to find solutions to all their pain points. The app also leverages technology from image recognition specialist Plantix to diagnose crop diseases in three seconds and provide farmers with agronomic advice on the most appropriate type of seed or crop protection that they can apply. The ultimate objective of this agriculture app is to increase crop production in Pakistan through digital agriculture and smart farming.

Key Features of Cropwise Grower application.

-Realtime Crop Analysis: Easily diagnose the plant problem within the application through the snap, detect and diagnose feature by just taking a picture of the affected crop to get the diagnosis and Syngenta recommended solution for the problem.

-Localized Weather: Learn about the weather in your area to manage the spray schedule for crops.

-Find My Franchise: Realtime locator to see which Naya Savera franchise is closest to you. Get directions, talk to the representative, or visit their online shop, all within the application.

-Syngenta Store: Now buy genuine Syngenta products directly from the application and get them delivered to your farm, through the ecommerce feature in the Cropwise Grower app.

-User-friendly interface for easy navigation: Access information easily within the application through a highly visual interface. The home screen has easy access to crop calendars, weather updates, instant pest, and disease identification as well as to Syngenta stores for purchasing the products.

-Offline Crop Calendars: Download crop management information in your application for offline use as well; with stage-wise pictures about the pest, diseases, nutrient deficiency, weeds, and general crop health solutions.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Cropwise Grower Pakistan.


Developer: Syngenta

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