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Save the environment by empowering our localizing supply chain technology!

Watch plants grow through Lot Stories directly from cannabis cultivators and processors closest to you; support local!

Many cannabis cultivators will demonstrate their craft through our fun new cannabis social media tool integrated with Instagram and other sharing platforms so you get more value out of your media posts!

Cultivators can track, trace, & showcase their production lots to consumers and industry partners who may connect and drive a localized supply chain data on this new, innovative, me2420 app technology!

Shorter distances means you help lower Co2 emissions!

Consumers and potential business partners alike get to watch live Lot Stories and see how each cannabis Lot of plants were grown, harvested, then cured into perfectly dried flower buds; it's an art really!

Or a Processor may take flower buds and transform them into any other variety of product you find on the market today.

Personalize your experience for recreational, medical, or search for business partners in the industry; its a complex business tool as well!!

Interact with any Lot Story during production in the Story Stream so the cultivator and retailers know which Lots you like best and where you are so Retailers can try and get it for you!

Using your device location allows finding the nearest production lots and drives a personalized supply chain to source the freshest cannabis around.

Locating the nearest supply reduces distance traveled so to lower Co2 emissions!

Be sure to post your feedback on each Lot Story and have fun in the community Story Stream!

For business; it's the easiest way craft cultivators can share their Lot info with retailer; and digital is the preferred format cannabis retailers want anyway!

Don't waste paper on pamphlets; save the environment!

Make life easier for your retail partners by showcasing your products with other licensed producers in one place! Imagine how many web links and mailing lists you will spare the retailers from having to manage!?

Get your own me2420 Lot QR code to share with your next prospective Retail buyer or Processing parter; go digital, it's what Retailers demand!

Consumers pick their favorite Lot Stories and get notified when the Lot is in located at your retailer automatically!

Offer maximum live transparency; upload CoA and documents for Partner download.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Cropsify Connect me2420.


Developer: CROPSIFY

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