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Play this online game named Creepy Granny.

You open your eyes and there's darkness around. You can't see anything and you don't understand where you are. The last thing you remember is delivering a parcel to some granny's house. This place seemed spooky to you right from the start - it looked like a haunted house from the movies.

You heard rumors about this house once: like there's a scary granny living inside, who scares everyone and seems to have kidnapped several people. You thought it was just a fairytale, but now you are very, very scared. Creepy Granny is a horror game with quest elements and a horror plot. Try to figure out how to escape the grandma to stay alive. Collect the notes that granny leaves along the way, listen carefully to every sound and move without being noticed - otherwise she will kill you!

- the neighbor turned out to be not as simple as she seemed.

- you will have 5 days to get out of the scary house.

- only one attempt: if granny finds you, unbearable horrors will begin! So act cautiously! Granny is a very dangerous witch!

Real horrors await you! Take care of yourself and your mind!




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