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Counter Zombies Attack play online

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Counter Zombies Attack

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Play this online game named Counter Zombies Attack.

Counter Zombies Attack is an ideal 3D shooting and attacking game. You have been hired as a contract killer to finish the deadly zombies(especially deadly zombies dogs) and clear the old buildings. Your mission is to fight with dead zombies with bone-crushing weapons like pistol,machine gun ,hand grenade ,AK47, 400 shotgun etc . You must have to target and counter the dead zombies on right time to shoot and kill them all with your zombies defensive skills .So keep your finger on the trigger for survival in a deadly world. You also have shooting and attacking skills as an army soldier, so enhance your weapons from store and use your skills to kill as many of your enemies as you can. Your mission to kill all the dead zombies coming out from buildings , streets and save yourself from dead zombies attacks.

Zombies game Features
** Easy and smooth FPS game control
** Stunning graphics with advanced lighting and post-process effects
** Multiple 3D environments (maps) 100% free
** Fast action! Run, fire, and beat all the walking dead to complete a level.
** A light trigger so you can target and kill fast
*** All 100% Free! ***

How to Play
** Choose your mission
** Shoot with fire button
** Move up down jump button
** Auto target whenever close to dead zombie
** Choose different type’s ammo during action war
** Zoom to target.




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