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Cooking Timer is a simple and free to use cooking timer assistant that alerts you for each step in cooking your meal and ensures all items finish at the same time.


Schedule cooking each part of a meal so everything finishes cooking at the same time
Get alerted when it is time to start cooking each part of a meal
Create a library of meals you cook often
Use your device for other things while the app is running in the background.
Not just for cooking, can be used to time and schedule anything that has multiple steps that need to all complete at the same time.

When you are cooking a meal that has numerous steps or items to cook, each item usually has a different cooking time. But you want the whole meal to finish cooking at the same time to avoid it being overcooked, or go cold and have to be re-heated. Cooking Timer helps you with this by alerting you when each item needs to start cooking so everything finishes at the same time.

How to use:

Simply create a meal adding each of the cooking steps with their individual cooking time, and optionally set a start after (delay) and finish before (resting) time.

Then start cooking and all the steps are automatically ordered and listed by when they need to start so they all will finish together.

Get notified when a step is due to start by a flashing arrow next to the item and an alert is sounded. Change which sound is played from the Settings page.

Customize a meal before you start cooking by removing any items that you don't want included. Once cooking has started you can mark off items that have completed early or you just don't want to be notified when they start.

Pause and resume the cooking timer - useful if you get delayed or distracted.

Advance and retard the cooking end time - useful if you miss the start time of an item or just need to allow more cooking time.

Meal items can be set to automatically pause the timer when they are due to start.

Show the cooking timer and each item's start time as a clock (24 or 12hr) or as a counter.

Use your device for other things while the app is running in the background.

Get a notification on your device lock screen or notification bar
when a meal item is due to start and the app is running in the background (e.g you are running another app or your screen is locked).

Set app to run using dark mode colour scheme, for preference or to conserve battery power.

Any meal being cooked will be saved if the app is killed off unexpectedly, and can be reinstated and caught back up when you run the app again.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Cooking Timer: scheduler.


Developer: CobraApps

Recent changes: This release contains:
- bug fixes and stability improvements
- performance and usability improvements
- Android updates

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