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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Control App for Nissan BEV.

Monitors the charging process of one (or multiple) Nissan car(s) via the Internet and notifies you in the event of an error or when the desired battery level is reached, also monitoring the cabin temperature and A/C state (which can be switched on and off also)..

Now offers immediate or scheduled climate control starts

Offers a widget for direct A/C and charging (start only) control

Several supervision modes can be chosen for the monitoring:

a) After charging has started, you start the monitoring, which periodically checks the charge status and displays it graphically incl. average charging power and estimated time of completion, once enough values are available.

If the desired target charge quantity is reached - as a percentage of the available battery capacity - or an error occurs, the app sounds an alarm. And monitoring stops.

b) Same, but waits for the next charging process, then starts monitoring

c) Permanent monitoring: fetches the SoC state at a configurable interval

d) PV monitoring: fetches the SoC state every 15 minutes, and every 30 minutes (configurable) during the night. Stops when the destination value is reached.

In addition, the current (or most recent) SoC value is being displayed in the notification area and the always-on-display, if you have one, so you don't need to switch the device on.

New are the monitoring of the cabin temperature (except ZE0) and the climate control state (not NNA region) as well as switching the A/C on and off including climate control trigger time tables (scheduled or single ones).

And it also includes a time table to give you some oversight about charging times.

The cloud interface of Nissan that is used can be notoriously unreliable, depending on country/continent/daytime/weather/whatever. You can verify this using other apps querying the car state - please also complain to Nissan!

More details at my homepage,
Version History can be found at

Requires NO ODB-II dongle.

Yes, this app costs money - but there is also a lot of work involved. I'll pay the money back even after a few days if the app doesn't meet your expectations.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Control App for Nissan BEV.


Developer: Christian Kaiser

Recent changes: Version history can be found unter
Please report crashes or inconsistencies!

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