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Complex Scientific Calculator

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Play this online game named Complex Scientific Calculator.

Complex Scientific Calculator (or simply Complex Calc) is the swiss knife of a true mathematician. This high performance tool offers all functions of a scientific calculator, and it is unique for the ability to operate with complex numbers. It also implements the necessary functions for working on the complex plane, e.g. argument and conjugation.

You can define your own complex functions and constants, too!

You can access the buttons which cannot be found on the main screen by swiping left or right, or long-clicking buttons on the main screen. For example to find the principal square root, you should long-click the "^"(power) button.

Supported functions and operators [domain set] (note):
- +;-;×;÷
-principal square root
-nth root (multi-valued, prompts to select one)
-natural exponential
-natural logarithm (principal)
-logarithm, given base [real]
-absolute value
-principal argument
-Gamma function
-Digamma function [real]
-Trigamma function [real]
-Binomial Coefficient
-real part (as a real number)
-imaginary part (as a real number)
-convert to degree [real]
-convert to radian [real]
-input degrees, minutes and seconds with ° sign (e.g. 20°12°11° = 20°12'11'')
-factorial [natural]
-floor (floors both parts of the complex number)
-ceil (ceils both parts of the complex number)
-remainder [integer]

Need anything else?
Define your own constants and functions!


- You can now pin and delete results
- Change the representation of results between rectangular and polar form
- New functions: Digamma, Trigamma, Binomial Coefficient
- Some buttons have been reordered for better usage
- Constant g has been removed (you can add it to your own constants)
- New Help Mode makes it easier to learn the meaning and usage of each function
- Small design improvements



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