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Comets 256

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Play this online game named Comets 256.

Blast your way through Comets and Spaceships alike in this arcade space shooter! In Comets 256 you can revel in almost excessively cool slowmotion with power-ups, fiery explosions, faster and faster waves, deep space physics, a classic arcade feel, clever mechanics, and a collectible 5 distinct ships that are progressively harder and harder to get! In this deep space, arcade-style shooter, race through the galaxy letting no debris get in your way! In an almost artful Asteroids/Galaga/Arcade runner experience thrilling gameplay, against not only asteroids but intelligent AI Spaceships who want nothing more than to have you fragment into a thousand small pieces! Get better and better highscores to beat friends, loved ones, pets, and even hyper-intelligent sea creatures! but don't stop there, as against all odds you seem to reappear each time you die making it a living nightmare for all alien enemies who would dare to oppose you! Once you gain the highest tier ship though, there is no chance that anything in the universe could possibly win against your enticing sense of style and design, while you also maintain status as the shiniest thing in all of the ever-expanding universe!

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Fixed final ship glitch



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