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Category Therapy: Categories

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Improve mental organization skills to help put your words back in order. Get unlimited practice with categories in one versatile speech therapy app.

When you struggle with categories due to stroke, brain injury, or autism, simple tasks like finding the right supermarket aisle or choosing a word can be impossible. But what if there was a way to heal these broken networks of meaning? To put the things in your brain back where they belong?

Get Category Therapy, an app designed for both speech-language pathologists and home users to help restructure the brain and let the ideas flow.

Take control with evidence-based exercises designed by experts
Improve word-finding and sorting skills with 4 engaging activities and unlimited practice
Get an app that works in both home and clinical settings
Interact with clear photos and a simple interface that's easy for everyone to use
Adjust settings to target your goals and suit your needs
Use e-mailed reports and customization to seamlessly fit the app into your therapy program

Download Category Therapy Lite for FREE to see how it can help!

When you lose the ability to group items and identify what they have in common, it gets in the way of your ability to understand, learn, and communicate. But with the right kind of practice, its possible to strengthen the connections between words and concepts and navigate your world more easily.

Get the right activity for every brain.

No two people are the same. With 4 activities ranging from simple to complex, there's something in Category Therapy to match your needs. Work through them gradually or focus on the activity that best suits your needs.

1) Find: Start with the basics. You'll hear and see a photo of a category (let's say "Fruit"). Tap the item that matches (for example, a banana).

2) Classify: Switch it up. Now you start with an item and choose the category that matches. This tests your ability to apply categories to what you see.

3) Exclude: Challenge yourself. By choosing an item that doesn't belong, you learn how to independently identify categories. As things get harder, you can always tap Hint for some help.

4) Add One: Train yourself to recognize common features of items to categorize them and then choose one item that fits the category youve identified.

When you're done, share your progress. The app makes it easy to quickly send detailed reports to a therapist or loved one.

Get every feature you need in one easy app.

70 categories and nearly 700 words in one package
3 difficulty levels ranging from simple objects to more abstract concepts
Great for aphasia, brain injury, autism, and other cognitive & language impairments
Switch to Pictures Only to practice naming or Words Only to practice reading
Customize number of trials, choices, and more its yours to control
Designed with adults in mind but easy enough for children to use
No subscriptions, no monthly bills, no Wi-Fi needed

Theres hope. With Category Therapy in your corner, you can build stronger connections between words and learn to speak and think more easily.

Download now to get started or try it for FREE with Category Therapy Lite!

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Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Category Therapy: Categories.


Developer: Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd.

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