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Calorie Counter Macros

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Play this online game named Calorie Counter Macros.

►Track your calories and macros quickly, consistently, and efficiently.
►Create dishes out of ingredients to log all caloric and macro contents with one button press!
►Copy and paste nutrition facts you find on the internet and quickly create food database entries!
►Macro bars for each food allow you to view protein, fat, and carbohydrate content of each food at a glance. Unique to this app.
►Track your weight and view your progress on a graph.
►Discover how many calories you should be eating a day. Based on your age, height, and weight, determine your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and total daily energy expenditure (TDEE).
►Google search within the app to locate nutrition facts for foods.
►Minimizes taps to log food -- it should not be a tedious task, but a fast process after each meal consumption.
►C-Points or "Consistency Points" provide a day-to-day metric that allow you to see how well you are sticking to your goal in the long-run. They increase and decrease based on how well you meet your daily goal.

►NO internet, account, passwords, emails required!
►NO location data tracking

►DISCLAIMER: There is no food database that we get food from -- all foods, you have to enter manually or with the copy-paste tool. If you are serious about reaching your goal, you should be consciously tracking your calories and macros for each food, because the error introduced by online databases is going to set you up for failure. No two whole-grain breads are exactly the same.

►The fastest Calorie and macros counter tracker on the Android Marketplace~!
►IIFYM (If it fits your macros)


Version 1.043
►Revamped C-Points to scale with how close you reach your caloric intake goal.

Version 1.033
►Fixed a bug that caused crashing when selecting "left-handed viewing" from settings.



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