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Calls and messages phantom play online

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Calls and messages phantom

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Play this online game named Calls and messages phantom.

Now Impress your friends that you're distinctive calls from figures and famous personalities
Once you click on the icon application Fulbright grants placebo contact where you can accept or reject the call and you can pretend Bank receives a real call because
It is also to laugh and joke you can put a picture and sound of stars and artists in the application and run it, and choose the voice of the star and place it and after a period set by you will be contacted placebo (fake call) personal beloved friend is Mphajith like it is the caller.
As a matter of Prank also put a picture of the famous personalities or had police contact you and more more from landfills ridiculous as possible to make the application ..
Once you click on the icon application Fulbright grants placebo contact where you can answer the call or close and you can pretend Bank receives a real call
Mark your beautiful girls Atsaln and deceive your friends.
You can choose any picture of beautiful girls or young men and Simin, and add any number of your choice.
Select the right time to call and wait.
You will receive a placebo connection by name and number, and the picture you selected.
You can also choose the name and number from the contact list you have registered and so to escape the positions Mahrjh.-record your voice: the voice can be played automatically use.
Contacts application placebo girls or celebrities may Marks embarrassing or dull and want to leave the place tactful way or acceptable excuse? Or you may have with friends and want to show them that Tmazham that a call on your mobile from an important figure or your boss at work or a friend or a girlfriend?
It features characteristic of Application:
✔ You can select the number of the caller on your own.
✔ choose offline placebo from your contacts.
✔ phone mode your pocket and wait for the incoming call phantom .prank
✔ choose the name and image of the caller as per your choice to create a new false call.
✔ You can also specify the period of time that will be connected with your girl or boyfriend, star or any of the celebrity of your choice
What are you waiting now play online the application and contact the placebo messages from girls, youth and celebrity, the police, your friends and you can Altdahir you received the call from your girlfriend in the festival of love and Fun Deceiving your friends




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