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Calculator Touch

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Calculator Touch - with Handwriting Recognition.

The innovative new calculator that utilizes the smartphone touchscreen to your benefit. Click the buttons for speed, write your operators for convenience, or just write it all.

No need to search a clutter of buttons to find your operators.
The versatility and simplicity of the Calculator Touch will leave you drawing on any calculator keyboard you will ever encounter, because it just feels right.

Using our powerful handwriting recognition system that instantly recognizes operators, numbers, constants and functions, you can enter your equations faster than with any other calculator app available. The Calculator Touch comes with built-in unit converters and a live currency converter. You can make it yours by choosing between various designs.


Clean User Interface, no clutter
Live result while entering equation
Save into history by writing =
Swipe down to open history
Swipe Up to open manual + buttons, converter and recognized symbols buttons
Enter power by writing a number on the upper right corner of the keyboard
Different Designs available, including Dark Mode
Erase all by long pressing anywhere on the Keyboard
Recognized symbols list that shows you how to use the handwriting system
Unit Converter: Area, Distance, Length, Angle, Mass, Speed, Frequency, Data, Storage, Temperature, Volume, Time, Power and Pressure
Live Currency Converter


Basic Operations: +
Powers, roots: x2 ^ e^x cbrt(
Brackets: ( )
Trigonometry: cos sin tan cosh sinh tanh
Inverse trigonometry: acos asin atan
Logarithms: log
Constants: e
Others: ceil floor abs

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Calculator Touch - with Handwriting Recognition.


Developer: LichtCode

Genre: Tools

App version: 1.0.8

App size: 14M

Recent changes: - Crash issue on some devices resolved.
- First Launch guidance improved.
- Recognition errors resolved.
- Recognition Database increased.
- Privacy Policy added


No unit converter and no currency converter. Plain calculator with adds, started with a lot of bugs and promisses. One or two upgrades eliminates bugs and after one month and a half of zero upgrades eliminates every hope regarding promisses too. And I even bought an add free version - something I have as a part of the system for free.

`Good idea, but it barely recognizes any of the gestures I tried (besides the most common symbols that are already present on most calculators), so basically useless as input takes longer than usual. Edit: I have looked at the recognized symbols page. Entering sin exactly like in the example gives me "52". As I said, it's a good idea, but in its current state, practically useless. Sorry.`, `Soooooo SMART!!! Love this app!!! some symbols are easier than others,haven't been able to 'write' all of them, approx. 75% of "recognized symbols" pass w/ 40% success rate of 1stTRYs...haha.. .. you have to write it ~like them~ for 'quicker' recognition... example, look@the '8'.. i typically start@the TOP&goClockwise: recognized 3/10.. then i write '8' starting in the MIDDLE&goClockwise: BOOM!! 10/10!!! WORTH IT!!! Great job Developers!!! Would $pay$ for it so they make it more accurate!`, `0 this sucks!!!!! The reason I said it sucks is that it only recognized my first line so everything with a vertical line is a "1" and then it freezes, then it shuts my phone off. It's a cool concept but not ready for primetime.`,

Unfortunately the designers made the decision to not accept a simple vertical downstroke as the number one. I'm sure they had their reasons but that was the end of it for me. Uninstalled."

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