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Barry the bull has learnt the truth... he doesn't want to be dead meat and the cattle truck is about to leave... Farmer Aggro the cruel master of Forever Valley counts again... one missing.. Barry! His prized bull.

Barry must bounce his way out the misty depths of Forever Valley by bouncing, again and again, ever higher until he reaches the top and can roam free.

This is done by landing on one log and bouncing to a higher level to escape the grasp of Farmer Aggro and avoid the slaughterhouse. .

Barry must avoid Farmer Aggro as he bounces ever higher. There are hay stacks to collect and super bounce logs for EXTRA bouncing power!

But be careful... there are also logs that have no standing platform. And watch out for the dizzying depths below...

Falling off screen will destroy Barry, but anything is better than the slaughterhouse!

Game play:
Infinite Jumper
Easy Controls
Tilt Display Controls
Fun and Quick
Hilarious Audio Samples
Scores Leaderboard

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Bovine Rise.


Developer: Black Dodo Games

Genre: Adventure

App version: 1.0.0

App size: 33M

Recent changes: New Release


Simple game and far harder than it looks.

A nice change from reading the ingredients of toilet cleaners when pushing out the brown matter.

This game is rigged. There is no escape...

Great fun!!'

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