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BlueTooth Terminal eDebugger

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game BlueTooth Terminal eDebugger.

[eDebugger, supports Bluetooth serial port, is a Bluetooth debugging assistant, the Bluetooth assistant can assist Bluetooth developers in Bluetooth debugging]
We, make an easy-to-use Bluetooth APP
Bluetooth low energy, classic Bluetooth SPP debugging artifact, focusing on improving your debugging efficiency
Highlight functions: [Memory channel], [Custom command], [Waveform diagram] [Send File]
Memory channel
Remember the channel you used last time, automatically complete the subscription function after Bluetooth connection
Custom command
Commonly used instructions can be saved and sent with one key, making debugging faster
Draw the received hexadecimal data into a waveform diagram in real time, visually display the data changes, and support data verification, such as CheckSum, CRC-8, LRC and other verification algorithms to ensure the accuracy of the data
Bluetooth Low Energy BLE
Broadcast: RSSI signal strength real-time line chart, broadcast data analysis
Communication: The tree structure lists all services and feature UUIDs and feature attributes, supports feature reading and writing, Notification on and off, Indication on and off, supports multiple encoding methods, such as UTF-8, GBK, or directly use sixteen Hexadecimal, support periodic sending of messages
Classic Bluetooth SPP
Communication: It can communicate with classic Bluetooth devices for reading and writing operations, and can also communicate with mobile phones via Bluetooth (premise: the mobile phone supports classic Bluetooth and the e-debugging APP is installed and started), and supports multiple encoding methods, such as UTF-8, GBK, or directly Use hexadecimal, support message periodic sending
Practical function
Favorites: One-click favorites for commonly used devices, filtering devices to reduce time-consuming visual search, or directly entering the favorites list for communication
Logs: You can selectively manually save the required debugging logs to reduce unnecessary space occupation. Support sharing logs to friends to analyze problems together
Log filtering: support filtering logs by device MAC and date
Multilingual: support different language environments

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game BlueTooth Terminal eDebugger.


Developer: BetterTools

Recent changes: Support for fixed format unpacking

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