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Black hole attack

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Can you slide the black hole such that it sucks the weapon down the hole like a master hoarder attacking? In the game Assault Hole io, your quest is simple. In one of your favorite black hole games, the timer is counting down. Will you be able to swallow all of the arms in the hallway down the hole before it expires? Choose your preferred black hole skin, then go down the hall filled with weapons and bullet stacks like a hoard master while attempting to clean them out as in those eating games! If you consume the entire io weapon, you'll have greater strength to combat and eliminate the enormous opponent that serves as the black hole hero attacker in this io arcade game.
To absorb even the largest weapons, explosives, and bullet stacks, a larger attacking black hole is required for the larger weapon. Just consume every arm and flush the hole throughout the whole io-eating game! The black hole took the entire weapon and ammunition stacked down the hole and chopped and ate it. With all the weaponry you amassed in the chaotic arcade hole io game, you will eventually have to battle and eliminate a large adversary.
Eat and swallow all of the IO weapons in the hallway to prove you are the black hole hero! Can you defeat them in one of your favorite black hole games using every arm you sucked down the hole?

Attack like a black hole hero in the huge, chaotic room.
The attack hole is produced by CipherSquad Games. CipherSquad is a top publisher of Hyper Casual Games, Puzzle Games, and Casual Games. CipherSquad published games like Pull the pin, NERF Shooting Epic Pranks!, Farm Land, bike Evolution, Zombie Catch, Animal merge, Mutant lab, hide n seek, Alphabet merge run, and many others.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Black hole attack - Hole games.


Developer: CipherSquad

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