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Dear Devotees,

Hindu religion has many deities and all of them have 1000+ devotees. Bhakti Sangrah is Indias first App which is one stop destination for Aartis, Bhajans, Chalisas, Vrat Katha, Gautam Budh, Geeta Saar, Ved Parichay, Pauranik Kahani, Durga Saptsati, Shiv Stotras, Jyotirlings, Tirth Sthal, Shakti Peeths, Dohe, Mantras, Sundar Kand, Vishnu Avtars, Rashi Parichay, Ratn Parichay.

Bhakti Sangrah will enlighten spiritual journey across India with tour of Dwadash Jyotirlings and 51 Shakti Peeths.
We take pride in releasing this App Anyone who is devoted to gods and is spiritual, all those who believe in god and have faith would love to play online this app and can share this application with family and friends using facebook, whatsapp etc.
Bhakti Sangrah is offline app so devotees can use application without internet.

Once you play online you will see how user friendly is Bhakti Sangrah, and the main feature is that it has very well categorized and all the Aatis, Bhajans, Chalisas, Vrat Katha, Gautam Budh, Geeta Saar, Ved Parichay, Pauranik Kahani, Durga Saptsati, Shiv Stotras, Jyotirlings, Tirth Sthal, Shakti Peeths, Dohe, Mantras, Sundar Kand, Vishnu Avtars, Rashi Parichay, Ratn Parichay are in Hindi Language, as Hindi langauge is widely used in India and easy to understand.

Aarti Sangrah
Chalisa Sangrah
Bhajan Sangrah
Sundar Kand
Shiv Stuti
Durga Saptsati
Mantra and Stotra
Doha Sangrah
Geeta Saar
Ved Parichay
Shakti Peeth
Vishnu Avtar
Gautam Budh
Tirth Sthal
Vrat Kathaye
Pauranik Kahani
Ratn Parichay
Rashi Parichay

If you want to know what sun signs you have and what gemstone will suite you, you will get all information on all the 12 sunsigns here at Bhakti Sangrah Rashi and Ratn will give information about what we have in Bhakti Sangrah.
Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagitarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pieces all details of these available in Bhakti Sangrah.

Mesh Rashi
Vrish Rashi
Mithun Rashi
Kark Rashi
Singh Rashi
Kanya Rashi
Tula Rashi
Vrishchak Rashi
Dhanu Rashi
Makar Rashi
Kumbh Rashi
Meen Rashi

Hinduism is based on Vedas, we have highlighted some of the basic features of All the Vedas of Hindu Culture.

Rishi Markandeya composed the 'Devi Saptashati' or the seven hundred hymns extolling the virtues of the Divine Goddess at the shaktipeetha in Nashik. The idol is also leaning a little to the left to listen to the sages composition. The Saptashati or the "Durga Stuti" forms an integral part in the vedic form of Shakti worship. Durga Saptsati is one of auspicious book of Durga Mata, who is known as warrior goddess. The 9 day long Durga puja is one of the biggest annual festival in India. Vijayadashmi is celebrated as the day of Durga's victory. There are many avataras of Durga. The main nine incarnations of Durga. Her nine forms are Skandamata, Kusumanda, Shailaputri, Kaalratri, Brahmacharini, Mahagauri, Katyayani, Chandraghanta and Sidhidatri. Mata Durga is also known as MahishasurMardini because she killed Mahishasur.

Gautam Budh was one of incarnations of Lord Vishnu, who is well recognized globaly, we have shared few phases of his life.
His journey of becoming Gautam Budh from Siddharth Gautam.

There are many devotees who read Sundar Kand, they will always have it handy and can read anywhere without carrying Sundar Kand Book.

Kabir, Rahim, Surdas, and Tulsi ji..They are very popular for their Dohas, which is available at Bhakti Sangrah.

We have Vrat(Fast)Kathaye and Pauranik Kahani for devotees around the world.

Lot more to discover, come and explore our App.

Bhakti Sangrah is in continuous development and we will add more collection list in future.

Jai Ganesh !!

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Bhakti Sangrah.


Developer: Jhawithu

Genre: Books & Reference

App version: 2.0

App size: 4.5M

Recent changes: Fix some minor issue in this app.


This app is really really good and one place store for all the content you could ever ask on religious matters.. very knowledgeable and very helpful for parents. Kudos!!

This app is awesome,all the hindu religion songs,aarti etc. at one place. Thanks for developing n share.

Wonderful app. Small size and in hindi. Must have app on every mobile. My parents loved it.

very good content and covers many things related to Hindu religion.

This is the first time I've come across such a collection of Bhakti Sangrah fabulous thanks for this collection"

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