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Beast Reacts, formerly BeastHacks, and prior to that, Mr.Beast, is the second active YouTube channel by MrBeast. The premise of this channel revolves around MrBeast and Chris reacting to DIYs, experiments, trickshots, and other related videos. These videos usually last around 8 minutes.

Made on April 24, 2016, Jimmy made this channel for watching and reviewing lifehacks. This channel mostly stars him and Chris. The Beast Reacts channel was originally called Mr.Beast. He later changed it to its current name so it could be searched for easier. (some feature Karl and Chandler)

This channel became inactive between April 13, 2020 and March 2021. Although the exact reason as to why the channel became inactive is unknown, it is most likely because MrBeast wanted to focus more on his main channel and he didn't know what he could do for this channel.

In March 2021, the profile picture was changed to resemble the icon of the gaming channel, except with the main color being pink instead of blue. On March 21, 2021, MrBeast revived the channel and uploaded "Water Balloons in Slow Motion!".

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Developer: Achivers Studio

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