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Use UptoPlay to play online the game BallBeARing.

You are trapped in Weird World, and must cunningly use your two balls to escape !-)

Permissions & Privacy (Android 6.0+):
Upon first usage, the app will request you to enable all required permissions. Please do! details app permissions, and why required.

Weird World consists of fifteen levels of increasingly-fiendish logical puzzles, which
are solved by rolling your two balls around, and bumping into, or avoiding, various
bizarre objects. Along your way, you must collect all of the spinning rings, which will
then facilitate the opening of the level's exit hole.

Or play without tilting your device, by selecting Play Buttons from the title menu.
Yes, now you can use two thumbs to roll your balls!

Which, incidentally, I think might be called Bluey and Greenie, on account of their
eye colours. Never mind!

Why not challenge a friend to see whom can complete a level in the quickest time?
Obviously, you'd both play simultaneously, each on your own device!

Weird World is best experienced on a tablet !-) And can be played on a phone ...
wait for the gag ... for those whom wish to play the game, and go ... blind !-)

And, yes, it is only one, small, in-app purchase for all 15 levels!

The aim of the game is to open each level's exit hole, and roll through it. This is achieved by collecting all of the spinning rings, and you have two balls which you can swap between at any time. Weird World contains impassible walls which can be exploded through using bombs (level four upwards), and filters (which look like slices of toast) which only allow passage in the two directions they face.

Arrows can be pushed in either of two directions, by bumping them on their sides. If not blocked, arrows will travel in the obvious direction, and you must avoid being hit by them. Whilst any objects are in motion, your two balls will become static until Weird World is still again.

There are two kinds of bombs, box and fuse, and these are exploded by hitting them with a moving arrow, or another bomb, in which case only the bomb which is hit will detonate. Box bombs explode into the squares above and below them, whilst fuse bombs into the squares to their left and right, thus destroying any objects there. Any arrow which hits a bomb is also destroyed.

Weird World also contains ice cubes which can be pushed, and will continue moving until their path is blocked, but will not explode bombs. And there can also be found coins and wormholes, but I'll leave them for you to self-discover.

And one more thing, be very careful around Weird World's Wim ... sorry, rim!


\tunlocks levels 4 - 15 (only the first 3 are free)


Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game BallBeARing.


Developer: maddma

Genre: Puzzle

App version: 4.34

App size: 7.9M


Tings is genius and this game has potential.... I can't wait to see what this guy does next"

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