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Baba: English & Hindi Typing

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This App is Dedicated to Typing Enthusiasts who wants to practice Typing in Multimedia phones in English and Hindi. This App offers English Typing Test, Hindi Typing Test ( Krutidev ), Hindi Typing test ( Mangal ). In English Typing test we provide you with different typing tests for practicing different word rows on the keyboard, for example, home row, upper row etc. By practicing in this manner you would be able to increase your typing speed and accuracy in English typing. In likewise manner, you can practice typing in Hindi in KrutiDev font and Mangal Font whereas Mangal is based on Unicode Font.
For Assessing the Speed and Accuracy of the test we have taken the standard route of speed calculation where five characters are considered as one word and speed is calculated in this manner. You will find your speed is as accurate as any Indian government job typing exams speed calculation. This app will show you your wrong entries, Gross Word per Minute, Net Word Per Minute, Accuracy. We have tried to provide versatility in typing test like we have provided you word drills, sentence practice and other than that this app will give you only those words which are most frequent and certainly help you improve your speed and accuracy in very little time.
Hindi Typing Test KrutiDev Font
Hindi Typing Test Mangal Font Remington Layout
Hindi Typing Test Mangal Font Inscript Layout
English Typing Test
English Word And Character Practice
Hindi Word And Character Practice

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Baba: English & Hindi Typing.


Developer: Typing Baba

Genre: Education

App version: 7.0.0

App size: 4.3M


very effective app for hindi and english typing learning. Thanks a lot for developer. It helps students who cannot afford computer systems or could go to learn somewhere for hindi or english typing. Through this app anyone can be master of hindi and english typing particulary at home.

Everything is fine.. But please give an option as we can deactivate the word highlight option.. Because in examination the highlight option is turned off.

superb app but only one problem.The only problem with this app is that the entire wrong word appears red but a wrong letter does not appear red. please fix this problem.

It's one of the best online typing apps. It is so smooth and easy to work. Dark theme option makes it totaly different from other. Also, there is a drawback If you type free-hand it doesn't show speed and accuracy.

Dear sir Typing Baba is become one of the best typing application. And I am typing with this app about 7-8 months. There is no problem for me and my friends also. It could be more intresting and good if you please give more timing slots, I mean increase time from 10 min. Please. Thank you.'

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