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Hello and Welcome to Author:Terri Celestine Brunson Blog Application. Introducing: My name is Terri Celestine Brunson I'm a self published author of my first book, "The Minorities". I'm a disabled aspie mother of one, a son with High Functioning Aspergers Syndrome (Autism), PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder) NOS, and ADHD. His name Zachary. In my spare time I'm a writer and a blogger. When I'm not blogging, I'm editing my sequel to "The Minorities" in which I would like to keep confidential until I decide to reveal its title -- probably at the end of this year, I'm not positive at this time when publication for my sequel will be made. I enjoy quality time with my son Zachary and family time with my entire immediate family. I like to travel with my immediate family. We travel where ever the day takes us. Zachary and I are "die hard" Florida State Seminole fans. "So watch out!" No Gators allowed. Author: Terri Celestine Brunson is a wonderful place to come for a positive atmosphere communicating with true family, friends and associates with heart. There are no conflicts, spasms, problematic controversy, or dramatic mayhem on my fan blog site at any cost. It has become their initiative to do so when every they feel their not having a good day, or make some one's life miserable, because they are. "Not here on my fan blog site!" I don't have time for ignorance, innuendos, or feeble-mindedness on my fan blog site -- ever! I want to run a successful fan blog site with a positive and a totally tasteful manner. This means I clean up a lot of the dramatics, conflicts, spasms, problematic controversy and mayhem "some" of the people bring in order to spew hate quickly before it starts to brew. This is why I provide a positive fan blog site for those who just want to talk about life, their families, and living life to the fullest without negativity. "I don't have time for drama and people who try criticizing me, or criticizing people who post on my fan blog site." I don't believe in doing an 'eye for an eye' against anyone. So don't provoke the situation if you see it starting -- report the abuser by using the "Contact Me" option, or call 9-1-1 and file a police report if problem persists, or get out of hand. If I interact with people who are "Positive" in their conversations, I will definitely respond in a positive manner without haste, or anger in my heart. If I interact with people (in which I prefer not to) who are "Negative" I'm most likely to respond, but less likely ----> (especially if they target my posters on my fan blog site) with dramatic mayhem, vulgar and vile obscenities, I will quickly mark them as spam. If there are threatening and abusive posts from posters initiating death threats, or comments potentially displayed with meaning of a death threat, I will quickly contact the police and file a report. Their accounts will be terminated indefinitely! There will be no access to my fan blog site. "I'm prepared to do so!" If you are interested in positive communication, interesting people, having fun and living a positive life to the fullest, please -- by all means -- join Author: Terri Celestine Brunson Fan blog site. You can join as a follower, member, or a viewer -- you are welcome to journey with me. Author: Terri Celestine Brunson provides a safe place for everyone with positive attitude to express their feelings, or opinions without being attacked. Author: Terri Celestine Brunson Fan blog site moderator are not responsible for every one's opinions, or how they hold their opinions. Please -- everyone -- keep it clean and discreet. There are limitations on my fan blog site only if your opinions, or thoughts doesn't include vile and vulgar obscenities, threats of death, or bullying against any of my posters, or my self on my fan blog site. Thanks for taking time out of your day to visit Author: Terri Celestine Brunson. GOD Bless you and I appreciate you. Thanks for stopping by.

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Recent changes: UPDATE: I hope everyone worldwide will enjoy my application. It will give direct access to my blog site: Author: Terri Celestine Brunson. Author: Terri Celestine Brunson is a non-fictional blog site. Open discussions are welcome to everyone worldwide to join in and communicate with me and with other posters who share their questions, thoughts, or concerns about my posts. I hope and pray that everyone worldwide will take interest in my blog site.

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