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Atlas Trainer Locater for Might Magic VII play online

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Atlas Trainer Locater for Might Magic VII

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Atlas Trainer Locater for Might Magic VII.

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Use this app as a replacement for the table map that came with the physical game before it was available for play online on and other sources. You need a world map in order to navigate in Blood & Honor. Instead of printing one out, use this app and the trainer search tool that comes with it.

The fun of this game is not only to acquire exquisite treasure and prestige, but to watch your companions grow in power. In order to do so, much like in real life, you must train with experts in the skills you wish to possess. Skill levels 4, 7, and 10 represent the milestones for expert, master, and grand mastery you must attain in order to truly advance your skills in this game. Once you do, this app allows you to go straight to where you need to be to advance.

I would like to take suggestions for patches of this app. I have already considered adding class trainers to the mapping. These trainers are responsible for advancing the entire character rather than their skills. Any other suggestions will be read if sent to [email protected].

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Atlas Trainer Locater for Might Magic VII.


Developer: Jaystings

Recent changes: Next steps:
- Center every sector, with multiple device screen support.
- Remove neighbour buttons when viewing a town from a trainer search result.
- Create a special menu for trainer search results which allows for normal town view with neighbour buttons.

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