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Asynchronous Motors Tools

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Probably the most complete implementation of the Google Play market, it is a app aimed at helping those who work and study in the field of electrical windings induction motors, pump maintenance, plant engineering.

In a unique application are contained several features:
New utility "Create asynchronous motor schemes" for the automatic drawing of asynchronous motor schemes
an archive with more than 200 single and three phase asynchronous motor patterns with information details, constantly updated.
tutorial schemes for connecting external parallel, double, triple, quadruple, etc...
utilities 'Archive electric motors' with which to store the data of the motors you have created or repaired.
calculator "Converting unit of measurement - Length -"
calculator "Converting unit of measurement - Power -"
calculator "Unit of measure conversion - Volume liquids -"
calculator of slot fill factor
calculator for the calculation of the capacitor more suitable for converting a three phase asynchronous motor in single phase, with the connection diagrams
utility "wiring diagrams cam switches" containing the wiring diagrams of the most common cam switches
"wiring diagrams - terminal motors -" with all major connection diagrams for the terminal blocks of single and three phase asynchronous motors
calculator "Detects information three-phase asynchronous motors"
calculator "Calculate size pulleys and belts"
Widget to be placed on the home screen of your device with the copper wire sections (touch the table to advance the wire list)
If the table does not result formatted correctly, hold the widget for a few seconds and resize it horizontally as until it is perfectly readable
The widgets in the Android system can be used only if the application resides on the internal memory of the device
calculator of capacitors for mono-phase motors
calculator of the maximum current drawn by the motor
calculator "Conversion asynchronous motors"
In addition to the modification of the data rewind according to the voltage and hertz, you can now change the engine speed and the slot pitch
calculates the coils and coil wire diameter, for rewinding of three-phase asynchronous motors in a few steps. Now with the new Simple Mode / Advanced. Possibility of automatic calculation of the maximum power available by setting the field "linear density". Find utility in the "computers"
in the "calculators" you can find the table sections of copper wire
convenient calculator parallels both internal and external
function calculates electrical cable
function computing electrical power factor correction
you can calculate the absorption of a single-phase motor, three-phase and DC, useful installer to calibrate the motor protection (to perform the calculation enters into 'search engine' and click on calculator)
automatic search radial ball bearings with one or two crowns (the most commonly used in electric motors) having the name, one or more measures of the same.
type of search engine based on the IEC and NEMA standard measures with a description of the available power (in kW) and other useful information.
and more..

You need a direct connection to the internet for the function circuit diagrams induction motors

Available languages:
- English
- Italian

If you wish to collaborate in the translation of the app helping me in our difficult intent to help many people around the world, do not hesitate to contact me.

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