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About Artistic Yoga
Artistic Yoga is an innovative, dynamic and powerful system of Yoga that affects the body like no other form of exercise. It combines ancient yogic techniques (asanas, pranayam, bandhas, kriyas & mudras), with modern cardiovascular-training and partner-stretches that works on the Individual at every level - the physical level, where flexibility, strength and endurance are the primary goal, to the mental and spiritual levels where awareness of the body, alertness and meditation bring about a complete transformation.

About Bharat Thakur
Bharat Thakur in an internationally recognized Spiritual Master who has conducted numerous meditation workshops, yoga sessions and corporate yoga workshops all over the world. Combining a flamboyant personality and an inimitable directness which is startling and simultaneously endearing, Bharat Thakur has a loyal following of students worldwide who appreciate his vast knowledge, his depth of insight, his powerful presence and also his disregard for conventional behavior. He is a man who happily lives his contradictions, which is integral to his philosophy of life that embraces the profound and the bane.

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