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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Armored Wolf Mod Minecraft.

This beautiful mod is not an official Minecraft PE product, also not associated or not approved with Mojang.

If you want to improve the wolves in the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition, giving them the opportunity to wear the armor that will appear on every wolf after installing the Armored Wolf mod . This MCPE mod adds Armored Wolf to the Minecraft game. The wolve himself cannot put on armor, since it is the player who makes the minecraft armor. The armor protects them much better and this can easily be seen by the fact that they have more health. As a player in MCPE, you are also offered several more options for using the wild animals.

How it works?
Armored wolves replace conventional wolves in the world of Minecraft PE. If you manage to find him in the wild, then you can tame him by giving him bones.
iOS / Android: Use a long press on the wild animals and press Tame (make sure you have a bone in your hand).
Windows 10: Right-click on a wild animals while holding a bone to try to tame it.
Tamed wolves have five times more health than the ordinary wolf of the world of MCPE and can be used for things like protection, and you can also ride it.

Give the wolf a saddle to ride on it at Minecraft Pocket Edition. You can also give him horse armor to supplement his armor with extra protection.

General Information:

Wild armored wolf:
Health: 10 hearts;
Tamed with bones.

Health: 50 hearts;
Give a saddle to ride it;
Give horse armor to raise your armor level and add extra protection.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Armored Wolf Mod Minecraft.


Developer: Mart Addons

Recent changes: In this cool mod, you will see the mod on Armored Wolf, adding armor for wolf to the world of minecraft!

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