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Shri Arihantmargi Jain Mahasangh is not an organization associated with any particular sect. This is a creative form directly related to the orders of the Vitarag, beneficial to the individual, society, people, nation. Any person can become a member. This federation was formed by Vaishakh Sudi Gyaras, V.S. 2061 Accordingly, the day of May 1, 2004, Saturday (Veer Nirvana 2531), which is the foundation day of Shrine Sangha after Kevalgyan of Lord Mahavir, happened on the same day. Yugadrishta Acharya Pravar Param Revered Shri Gyanchandra Ji M.S. On this day, he started a campaign of pure restraint awakening, which is why this federation has also been established from that day.

Shri Arihantmargi Jain Mahasangh is associated with the speech of Shri Arihant Devas. It is such a federation that takes us out of the streets of the sect and brings us to the Rajpath of the Arihants.

The name Arihant is such a meaningful name that the five verses of the Navkar Mantra are easily included in it. Arihant not only come in the rank of Arihant, but Siddha also comes. Because in 'Namotthhunam Arihantanam Bhagavantan' the words 'Namothhunam Arihantanam' remain the same even while giving Namothunam to Siddhas. Therefore, as a result, even siddhas can be called by the name Arihant.

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Developer: श्री अरिहंतमार्गी जैन महासंघ राष्ट्रीय दिल्ली

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