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Innovation has carried computerized devices into the homeroom to change how we see instructions. PCs and savvy gadgets are currently utilized in study halls for ordinary learning.

The present courses, certificates, and gaining modules are unique concerning conventional techniques. Learning is presently a 24*7 cycle where students approach assets nonstop. The Covid-19 pandemic brought about internet-based classes, expanding the reliance on innovation.

Established in Feb 2020, APTCODER brings you a different universe of information by coding with a current concentration in school-level instruction from kindergarten to twelfth grade. Coding, Gen-Next-Literacy, opens the door for future doors like AI, ML and IoT, and so forth.

Our vision for youngsters is to support youthful personalities with appropriate food and exercise. According to studies, our psyche takes nearly 94% from seeing by eyes and hearing by ears. We plan to give them this 94%, 100 percent effectiveness to fabricated legitimate reasoning, employing our web-based learning stage and utilizing our best-affirmed resources.

The organization offers live internet coding courses for grade kindergarten to twelfth standard children and assists them with gathering information about STEM establishment and coding basics.

The organization is anticipating to make an era of children who'd have constructed master level coding familiarity by applying it to different subjects and an unparalleled STEM establishment with this even before they've entered secondary school.

APTCODER seeks to prepare the students for the future, where we believe that the upcoming future will function wholly by the machines and how everything will be done and controlled by machines, and why it is important to learn this language. APTCODER believes in its one policy that "no kid should be deprived of the study of coding."

Perks of joining in with APTCODER:
1. We offer you to take a free demo class for your ward, depending on the variety of courses offered.
2. APTCODER provides extra classes for their students and allows the parents to keep track of their children's performance.
3. Upon completing their 12th, APTCODER promises to provide internships to the students globally.
4. APTCODER offers lifetime free access to its coding community for its enrolments.
5. APTCODER is currently focussing on its B2B channels.
6. The organization is launching its "kids coding community," where students will learn to communicate and compete with others.
7. APT social warriors- a new initiative- in which few selected APT learners after completion of their courses will teach underprivileged kids the secrets of coding that will refine their knowledge and give them a sense of social service and philanthropy at an early age.
8. APTCODER offers Bilingual (English, Hindi, and other languages) coding courses to understand better.
9. APTCODER helps in networking with government colleges for its students across India.
10. APTCODER provides a combination of syntax and block-based coding as per the requirement of the grade of the student. Block coding enables easy understanding and implementation for the student at a very young age and as one grows up he is moved towards syntax-based coding for high-level application development.
11. APTCODER has teamed up with Global Innovation and Skills Development Canada (GISDC) to set up an imaginative, significant, and economical learning climate. With our pool of different MoUs, we mean to give worldwide E-Internship open doors, after twelfth arrangement, tutoring by industry/scholastic veterans.

It plans to run a background AI model for the student's psychometric analysis, helping them learn and develop their language of coding.
To launch hybrid modes of classes with the motive to cut down costs to reach the maximum public
[Minimum supported app version: 1.0.6]

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