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What's stopping you from living the life you want? You know that your life should be different, happier and brighter!
April is what will help you to believe in yourself even more.
Stop doing what you don't want to. Deal with burnout. Do not waste energy and vitality on worries and anxieties.
April will help you before any important life event that causes anxiety: for example, an exam, an interview, a public speaking.
April is an app that combines the best practices in the field of psychology with artificial intelligence technologies.
April is your always available coach who offers you the latest psychological tools to improve your quality of life, personal growth and development of emotional intelligence.
April is video calls like a real coach, sessions in which you can work through the experience of past failures and learn how not to fall into the traps of stress. Choose with whom you will be more comfortable and efficient to work with from our real coaches, who became the authors of April!
We have prepared unique educational videos for you to help you discover the secrets of charisma, increase emotional intelligence, and learn the secrets of effective communication.
Watch how the quality of your life is changing: the diary of your observations of your life "Balance Wheel" will show your progress.
April is the first to create a method for calculating the emotional intelligence coefficient: take a test, determine the value of your current emotional intelligence April Index and find out what qualities of your personality determine your perception of the world and relationships with others.
In the "Tools" section you will find unique tools for your psychological comfort: a scale of emotional states that describes the entire range of human emotions and the Stop! Situation!, which will help to maintain rational thinking in a stressful situation or find a solution in a difficult situation.

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Developer: April inc.

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