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Make the MOST of Your Child’s Screen Time!

We know kids waste a ton of time playing games on the phone or tablet so why not make sure at least some of it is spent each day with apps that actually help to educate your child.

app nanny Trial is a parental control app that lets YOU easily and quickly configure your (or your child’s) phone or tablet so your child can’t access time-wasting games and other apps without first spending time with a productive app.

How Does appnanny Trial Work?

app nanny is designed to be extremely easy to set up and use on your or your child’s android device. You simply pick the apps to which you want to control access, pick the apps you want your kid to use and set the time limit rule and you’re set.

How Long Does It Take to Set Up?

appnanny can be set up in just a minute or two and a few simple steps:

1. - Install the App (Trial Version is Free and can be used for 7 Days. The extended-use version is only $3.99 and allows you to use the app indefinitely.)

2. - Flag the apps to which you want to control your child’s access (the ‘Bad’ apps)

3. - Flag the apps you want your child to use (the ‘Good’ apps)

4. - Set how much time you want your child to spend with a Good app before being able to proceed. Or, you can block access to Bad apps altogether.

You’re Done!

Why is appnanny the Best App Access Control App for Android?

app nanny was designed to make it easy for you to set up your device, or your child’s device, in just minutes.

- Device control is only activated when a Bad app is requested (Not every time you interact with the device.)

- appnanny Trial not only lets you restrict access to apps you pick but set conditions on that access. You can require your child to use an educational app for a set number of minutes before proceeding. No other app has this unique feature!

This app uses the Device Administrator permission.


- Made device administrator permission requirement more explicit



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