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AntiGravity is a physics puzzle game which designed specifically to be played for hours to challenge your fluid intelligence and sharp your logic and physics reasoning skills.

AntiGravity puzzle game is a logicpuzzle game starts out quite simple, however, you will quickly realize that it is not built to be easy and straight forward.

Each puzzle, even in some introductory levels, has some clever twist in it.

The gravity, the weights of the objects and the design of the puzzles push your brain to the limits and boost your thinking processes.

You can use weights, levers, elevators or antigravity pathways in creative and innovative ways to beatthe gravity and solve each logic puzzle.

You can use bombs to destroy obstacles or use magic glue formula to build obstacles.

You can find the laser beam as a difficulty in one level and a useful object in another.

On contrary to other logic puzzle games, there is no player to move the objects. To move something just tap on it and then select where to go, exactly like chess.

Physics Objects include:

Barrels (wooden 0.5 kg & metal 1.0 kg), bombs (0.5 kg), glue (0.5 kg), sack (1.0 kg), levers, buttons, elevators and laser beams.

The goal is just delivering one sack or more to the flag to complete the puzzle.

AntiGravity Includes:

40 amazing logic puzzles ranging from simple to impossibly difficult with variety of elements which keeps levels fresh and exciting to explore.
Ambient, atmospheric background music.
Beautiful graphics and a stunning surreal world.
Ultra smooth minimalist 2D graphics.
Easy to learn, very challenging to complete.
No In App Purchases.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game AntiGravity Puzzle Game.


Developer: CosTheta

Recent changes: Modify some levels.

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