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Due to high demand of Android developers in the current market, my wish is to share some of my valuable experience that could help anyone interested in the Android world to jump into this train!

There are several experiences that I would like to share with you and it's up to you to choose.

In this part we would clarify what parts you would need help with. Jump into a brief discussion discovering the variety of possibilities and what to do next. Following of other advices about any topic in question. Book a free time slot to get in touch!

In this part, which would consist of several sessions, we will see how to create a well-structured base Application for Android and how to proceed with scaling it further. More details in the content tab of the App.

*CV review*
In that section we will go through the whole CV content, highlighting the most bright and important parts of your path, so it will help in the recruiting processes.

*GIT usage*
Here we will go over the definition, need, basic usage, some common and uncommon scenarios in order to discover this version control system used in the Android development. The presented scenarios will be what you could find in your daily working environment.

*Interview Details*
In this part we will talk about what you can expect in the interview process. Some suggestions from my side on every step and how to understand the situation. Real examples from my own experiences.

*Job opportunities*
In that section we will explore the job opportunities you have around or remotely according the requirements. We will evaluate experience, industry, salary ranges, spoken language and the places you should be looking at.

*Tools in Android world*
Here we will go through the tools that we, android developers, use daily and cannot deliver without them. We will explore the details of each tool and explain what other roles we are collaborating with.

*Google Play console*
When it comes to google play management, we will explain the basic functionalities. Creation of new app instance, content, different tracks, updates, warnings, policies, etc.

*Android team work*
Here we will talk about daily work in a team. It's important to highlight how to be a good team member and make work of other efficient and relevant. What are the good and bad practices during development and other.

In that section we can discuss a possible collaboration for a project. With different options according with what's required in a project you own, want to create or responsible for. Reach out with any question.

Please, book your introduction to identify and confirm what kind of section you are interested in moving forward. Later on, we will be able to meet for the knowledge sharing.


Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Android Advisor: learn quickly.


Developer: Insomnia math games

Recent changes: Welcome to the Android Advisor App! Your personal mentor that will share the knowledge that will help you to advance in the Android world. Book a session now to explore what you need the most!

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