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In 2020, for the first time in human history, the world slowed down on all five continents for a few months. We have all been tested by the lockdown and challenges of no longer physically living together. Why couldn't a painter, from her studio, take the initiative to share, in new forms, the fruit of her work and experience to help younger generations?

An idea was then born to provide a platform where results of years of research and exploration in the field of painting could be made freely available.

This application, called Analogia, , borrows its name from Greek. It creates a space to meander intuitively through a painters research. Through a game of deduction, Analogia allows us to discover resemblances, associations and correspondences established by the imagination and perhaps to perceive the interdependence of things or phenomena from seemingly different universes.

In a period when time seemed to stand still and despite imposed immobility, to offer the possibility of observing the forms that surround us in their incessant movement and dynamism in an attempt to tame the constant transformation of this world.
Users are invited to browse through this resource center as they wish. There is no alphabetical order, just a juxtaposition of images, collages, videos, words and quotations, in French and English, so that everyone is free to trace their own path.

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Developer: Fabienne Verdier

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