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Smart Phone Building Management App

Smart Building Management for Owners, Building Managers, Tenants and Vendors


Updated Directory Listing of all the Apartments / Spaces.
Manage Apartments / Spaces for Lease / Rentals / Monthly Maintenance.
Different or same Building Managers / Super for Different Buildings.
Efficient way to handle Service Requests.
Current Location for Vendors
Analytic and Reports
Emails sent to be raised as Service Requests
System Generated and Custom Bills for Service Requests / Rent / Electricity Bills etc..
Alerts and Notifications
Monthly Rent / Maintenance Bills.
Data Set up, a One shot process.
Proposals to Different Vendors.
Inquiry and Issues Management.

Service Request (SR)
Tracking And Management of Service Requests on your Mobile App:

SR for Building / Apartment /Space
SR Alert / Notifications
SR Current Status
Time Duration for which SR is Open
Time Taken to Close / Verify SR
Attach Images showing actual Issue and resolved Updates
SR Type: Plumbing, Electricity, Gas etc..
Preference Date /Time of Vendor Visit
Confirmed Date /Time of Visit by Vendor
Actual Date / Time when Vendor Visited
Team Member from Vendor responsible for SR
Vendor’s current Location associated with SR
Feedback for Vendor services
Tracking Vendor Visit
Total Duration / Time spent by Vendor on SR
SR PATH: Complete History / Audit Trail for SR
Message Thread for SR: All Messages / Alerts / Actions for SR
Bills Raised for SR

Tracking And Management of Tenants / Occupants on your Mobile App:
Buildings Listing
Apartment or Space Listing
Generate Rent / Maintenance Bills for Apartment / Space
Apartment / Space : Rented / Occupied / Available / Not Managed
Lease Details / Rental Details
Day of Month for Bill Generation at Apartment / Space Level
Occupant / Tenant Details
Occupant Tenant Bills History / Reports
Service Request Reports raised for Buildings / Apartments / Spaces
Broad cast Messages (Urgent / Reminders) to Occupants / Tenants

Tracking And Management of Bills To Tenants / Occupants or From Vendors on your
Mobile App:
System Generated Monthly Rent / Maintenance Bills for Tenants / Occupants
Custom Rent / Electricity / Gas bills
Current Bill Status
Payment confirmation for Bills
Bills for Service Requests from Vendors or to Occupants / Tenants
Attach Images (Check Details or Bill Receipts)
Payment Status for Bills Raised
Payment PATH: Complete History / Audit Trail for Payments
Message Thread for Payments: All Messages / Alerts / Updates for Bills / Payments
Bills Attached to Service Requests
Integration with Current Billing system running at Buildings

Proposals Requests
Tracking And Management of Proposals for Vendors on your Mobile App:
Proposal Requests for Buildings
Proposal Requests to One or More Vendors
Proposal Current Status
Proposal Type: Plumbing, Electricity, Gas etc..
Responses / Updates from Vendors
Attach Images
Accept / Reject Vendor Proposals
Raise One or More Service Requests for Accepted Proposals
Proposal PATH: Complete History / Audit Trail for Proposals
Message Thread for Proposal Request: All Messages / Alerts / Updates for Proposal


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