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Jule, Max, Yasin, Anna and Marie are the foxes. They are in fifth grade together. In their free time, they enjoy playing football and basketball and building soapboxes. When they check their gear for a weekend trip, they discover that the tent's zip doesn't work. With the help of their parents, they manage to have the repairs carried out and they learn how a zipper works, how a puncture in a bicycle tire can be repaired and what a repair caf is. The respective explanatory films can be viewed via buttons in the app. Max's father invites the children to visit him at his workplace in the Production Technology Center in Hanover. He shows them how the topic of 'repair' is researched by scientists. In interviews and video documentation, the children can find out how the researchers work. They have the opportunity to decide for themselves how Yasin's backpack should be repaired and can set up their own workshop in the sense of a repair caf for their school.

The app is an addition to the picture book ,Everything broken?! A story about repairing', which was published by Schneider-Verlag Hohengehren. This book and the app were funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) - SFB 871/3 - 119193472. They were created through numerous ideas and the cooperation of students of the second subject of general studies in the special education course at the Leibniz Universitt Hannover.

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Developer: Cuckoo Coding GmbH

Recent changes: Erster Release der 'Alles Kaputt' App

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