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With AllCalc Calculator, you can compute any scientific calculations, know your CGPA, view time in global time zones, and also know your age. cool right! You may be tired of using multiple apps for various calculators. So here's the ultimate solution.

Tired of searching for your various mobile app calculators to complete your assignments or work? With our scientific calculator, your required answers are at your fingertips on your mobile. You can compute much range of calculations.

Ever wondered, whats the time on the other side of the world or neighboring continent? Heres Global time zone display for knowing time in all timezones.

Every student knows the importance of CGPA, but knowing your CGPA is a problematic job than getting a good CGPA. Heres a CGPA calculator to know your CGPA instantly and store all your grades and details entered so that you can reuse or refer these in future.

Age Calculator lets you know your age in Years, Months, Days Hours, and Seconds.

Any suggestions or improvements are most welcome.

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Developer: Nervone

Recent changes: fixed age calculator bug for few android versions.
added hyperbolic and factorial functionalities in landscape mode and fixed bugs.

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