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ALLAH 99 Names HD

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The ALLAH 99 Names (Asma- Ul-Husna) are the Names of ALLAH. Each representing a certain Attribute or Description of ALLAH(Swt) says in the Glorious Qur'an: "He is ALLAH, the Creator, the Originator, The Fashioner, to Him belong the most beautiful names: whatever is in the heavens and on earth, do declare His praises and Glory. And He is the Exalted in Might, The Wise." [Quran 59:24].It is an Islamic Application For Muslims.Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said “There are 99 names of Allah, and that anyone who memorizes all the names will be awarded paradise.Finally an app that helps you to learn and memorize the 99 names of ALLAH. The amazement does not stop there this app also helps you remember the meanings of each name of ALLAH.The 99 names of ALLAH or 99 names of ALLAH Arabic : أسماء الله الحسنى Asma’ Allah al-Ḥusná), are the Names of ALLAH by which Muslims regard ALLAh and which are described in the Qur'an, and Sunnah, amongst other places.
Application Features.

:- Read all the 99 names in Arabic, English with Meanings
:-Read the English Translation of the Meaning of Qur'an in Description for each name.
:-Universal App Works with almost all types of Android powered devices including phones and tablets.
:-Complete details of Allah Names in English.
:-Complete details of Allah Names in Urdu.
:-Very beautiful layout designed all android devices
:- Share via Email and SMS.
:-New user interface
:-Very Easy To Use

Download Now and Memorize the 99 names of ALLAH(Subhanahu Ta'ala) today

DISCLAIMER:- It should be remembered that Quran was revealed in Arabic language. Translations are actually Interpretation of the Quran. No translation of the Quran can be hundred percent accurate, nor it can be used as a replacement of the original Quranic text in Arabic. May Allah (Subhanahu Ta'ala) accept this service from all of us, please remember us in you're Dua's.




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